Get Divine Safety Insurance and Unlimited Joy on your new Honda car this Ayudha Pooja

The festive season is almost upon us. Be it the Durga Puja in Bengal or the Navratri in North India or the Ayudha pooja in the South, everyone is gearing up to have a blast.
Navratri is one festival that is celebrated throughout the country but in different formats. Take for example Ayudha pooja which is an integral part of the Navranti festival and is celebrated in all parts of the country but with different names. While it is called Ayudha Pujai in Tamil Nadu, in Telangana, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh it is known as the as Aayudha Pooja and the Astra Puja in Orissa.
Whatever be the name, it is an occasion where one’s professional tools are worshiped as a mark of the victory of the good over evil – with the killing of the demon king Mahishasura by goddess Chamundeshwari or Durga. After the slaying of the demon king, the weapons used in the battle were kept out for worshipping and that is the traditional root of tool worship during this festival.
That tradition is still being carried forward despite the advent of the computer age – but with a twist. In the current information age, the Ayudha pooja finds computer, printer, television, phone, kitchen equipment, electronic items and cars being worshiped. These are the weapons for the modern age and cars and other vehicles have created a special niche.
Now by this time you must be feeling nostalgic, recalling your childhood days when your cycles as well as bikes, cars and all kind of vehicles were cleaned and washed before being worshipped for Ayudha Pooja. All elements worshiped were also decorated to look spanking new.
This Ayudha Pooja, you have a chance to, in fact, offer a brand new Honda car from Magnum Honda for worshiping. Yes! Magnum Honda will deliver a car before the Ayudha pooja if you book one now. Its your chance to really sparkle up this Ayudha pooja with a brand new Honda car.
And just imagine the joy and excitement this would add for your family members this Ayudha pooja if you manage to keep your excitement of owning a new Honda car in-check and not spill the beans before the car gets delivered. Imagine the twinkle and excitement in the eyes of your children when the new car would dazzle under the festive lights.
It is also a fabulous chance to show off your abilities to that neighbor or relative or colleague of yours who had flaunted a new bike or state of the art television set or even a new car during Ayudha pooja last year. Remember the feelings you had on such an occasion and can now rejoice at your chance do the same.
But there is a greater reason for you to bring home a new Honda car from Magnum Honda. Worshippers strongly believe that worshipping of vehicles, weapons and implements during the Ayudha Puja would save them from all the evil and unfortunate things that might happen for the rest of the year. This also applies for your new car. Getting the new car worshipped this Ayudha pooja is your chance to secure the safety of your family and that of your new car! Simply book now and get the car delivered by Ayudha pooja to get it blessed and drive away all evils that might happen to it or to its riders
You can consider it a form of divine insurance perhaps!

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